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Transform the way you think, behave and perform


My story

I dream big, I take action, I make things happen.

I passionate about supporting busy people with the necessary tools, knowledge, and confidence to transform their lives.

Life is full of opportunities, chances, wonder, and unexpected events. Everyone in well-developed countries has access to good lifestyles, food, expensive items, luxury, and a constantly growing job market.

I have had a successful career as a chartered fellow of CIPD, working on learning and development projects in the UK and abroad for the last 30 years. I am fiercely independent and think outside the box. I have heard many times that “things can’t be done” or "that is not the way we do things", but that never has stopped me from pursuing my core intentions in life.  I have overcome adversity, challenged established paradigms and ways of doing things.  Every successful businessperson I know agrees that “overnight success” does not exist, but there is a proven success formula, which I now incorporate into my coaching programs and books. If you want to find out more about my professional career, please  click here.


Get to know yourself

I ignore “no” sayers, and take action, doing what I feel is right. To choose well for yourself, you need to really know yourself. Life is a series of choices and decisions, every decision has a consequence, the key is to make the right choice for yourself.

I have pursued my life purpose from an early age, having an open mind, exploring and learning about life, professional success, and people. I was always fascinated with how unique we are, and twelve years ago I have started to learn about mindfulness.  If you strip away the mysticism, mindfulness is about understanding and managing your own mind.  That’s why mindfulness is now a core component of most executive education programs and is even a part of US Army military training.  I now combine elements of mindfulness training techniques with mindset and performance improvement tools.  All my work is based on the latest neuroscience findings and research into intention and leadership success.  I study “successful people,” asking difficult questions, seek to understand their thoughts and behaviour.   Over the last 30 years, I have learned a lot, but most importantly

 I know what does not work.

By working in a range of private and public sector organisations I have always created a deeper connection with individuals from different backgrounds and cultures, supporting them whenever I could. I know how important it is to connect on a deeper level and the feeling that someone has your back. I am now an experienced cognitive behavioural coach and business coach who professionally supports and inspires others to chase their own success!

“I will help you because Your DREAMS matter”

If you, like me want positive change and more from life, If you are ready to take this next step and start growing and evolving,  then let’s get to know each other.

Having the right mentor is the first key to your success!




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