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Are you looking for workshops and learning programmes that delivers results? 

We offer a range of workshops for organisations who want something that is underpinned by science and deliver results.

The focus of each workshop is to deliver specific objectives, and also to inspire and equip people to think and behave differently. The value in our workshops comes from what people do afterwards.

Learning is a cognitive process, not a box ticking exercise.  

If we want our learners to adjust, adapt and develop, training must be designed and delivered with the brain in mind.  Poorly designed learning can drain the brain.  The PFC - an area of the brain associated with conscious, rational decision making can only process a relatively small amount of information before becoming overloaded.  With this in mind we design our learning to convince participants brains to give us their attention – and for long enough for things to ‘stick’, so habits are adjusted.


Our learning is designed to gain attention, hold attention and change habits. 

To gain attention we carefully consult with clients to ensure that learning is based on need.  We design training in a way that gives learners a conscious, active choice.  We challenge learners and ensure that delivery is novel and includes variety. 

Once we have people’s attention, we work to maintain it by monitoring learner’s’ emotional state.  Too little challenge and they will become bored.  Too much and they will become overwhelmed and panic.


We change habits by re-wiring the brain.  Our brains are incredibly adaptable if we are willing to engage our attention, thinking and behaviour long enough. The underpinning mechanism that supports this adaptability is neuroplasticity.

Our workshops

We offer a range of workshops for organisations who want something that is underpinned by science and deliver results.

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Courses include:

The neuroscience of leadership

The neuroscience of engagement

Developing mindful leadership



Courses include:

Mindful Resilience

Sleep well

Be Digital smart

Supercharge your resilience


Workplace Mindfulness

Courses include: 

6 week WorkplaceMT program

Supported self study mindfulness program

Mindfulness for beginners


Purpose and Intention

Talking about why intention matters, the neuroscience of intention, and how intention works

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Enhancing leadership capability

Even the best leaders need regular development to keep on top of their game. Our programmes and workshops are bespoke to ensure they fully meet your needs and the challenges you are facing. The following are examples of of our recent work. 

The neuroscience of leadership

This 1 day workshop could be exactly what you need if:

  • you want to be the most effective leader possible

  • you want to understand what makes people tick and why they do the things they do

  • You really want to understand yourself

  • your staff are working in challenging times and rely on you

  • you want to maintain your well being and at the same time be more productive

  • you know things could be better

The neuroscience of engagement

This 1 day workshop could be exactly what you need if:

  • you want people to be resilient, engaged and adaptable

  • you need your people to be engaged in the pursuit of organisational goals

  • you work in a world that is constantly changing and your people face fresh challenges daily

  • Your existing approach to engaging and motivating people isn't delivering the desired results.


Developing mindful leadership

At its most basic level, Mindful leadership is a self-management technique that helps the leader become more productive and insightful whilst reducing stress and increasing well-being. We can offer 10-week programmes with workshops, projects and activities to practice between workshops, coaching and peer work. The exact structure, duration, and content will depend on client needs.  We also offer half day taster or introductory courses.

Juliets has published a best selling book on Mindful Leadership.  Click this link to view book

Mindful leadership could be exactly what you need if:

  • You want to be able to focus and concentrate for longer

  • You want to gain an insight into your unique patterns of thinking and behaviour

  • You want to maintain peak performance for longer without sacrificing well being

  • You want to think and act more consciously, achieving self awareness and self mastery


Transforming your resilience

Whilst you cannot always control the challenges life throws at you, you CAN control how you think and react. Resilience is the ability to bounce back from adversity. It is a necessary skill for coping with life’s inevitable obstacles and one of the key ingredients to success. Resilience helps you to handle pressure without losing control, overcoming adversity. Improving your resilience helps you to maintain a more positive outlook, enabling you to learn and adapt, improving both your physical and mental health.

Mindful resilience


Based on Juliet’s book ‘Thriving: the art of mindful resilience’. Dynamically combines the underpinning principles of mindfulness with resilience, focusing on mindset, thriving under pressure, sleep, smart digital practices, and reducing information overload.  Offered as a 4 week program, 1 day or half day overview. 

Mindful resilience could be exactly what you need if:

  • you want to enhance your mindset, breaking out of unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaviour  

  • you want to gain clarity and focus

  • you want to positively thrive under pressure

  • you want to improve your sleep quality and alertness

  • you want to work more smartly with digital devices

  • You want to reduce information overload.

  • You want to enhance your well being and life balance

Sleep well

Sleep is not just critical to recovery, it essential for maintaining cognitive skills such as communicating well, remembering key information and being creative and flexible in thought. A lack of sleep can have a highly negative impact on your work and home life. Each year an estimated 200,000 days of work are lost due to insufficient sleep, costing the UK economy around £30 billion annually.

Employers have a legal duty to manage risks from fatigue and sleep deprivation.   Under the law, employers have a duty of care to protect not just the health, safety and welfare of their workers but any other people who might be affected by their business.  We offer half day workshops and 90 minute tasters and webinars. 

Sleep well could be exactly what you need if:

  • you want to identify their core sleep challenge and ways to address it

  • you want to better understand the function of sleep and its importance

  • you want to avoid the common factors that negatively affect your sleep

  • You want to develop strategies to improve the quality of your sleep moving forward.


Be digital smart

Information overload is estimated to cost the US economy alone one trillion dollars each year.  The volume of information we receive is increasing exponentially every year, while the volume of information we can retain and recall is decreasing.  The Drucker business school cite attention management as being one of the most critical skills of the 21st Century, but yet attention spans are decreasing, and presenteeism is increasing. 

Digital smart could be exactly what you need if:

  • You want to determine your current level of digital addiction

  • You want to better understand the negative impacts of over use of digital tech

  • you want to explore your unique ‘busy stories’ and their impact

  • you want to develop new wise strategies to work with digital tech in future

  • you want to experience a day or half day without digital distractions

Supercharge your resilience

1 day, half day or 1 hour taster

Supercharge your resilience could be exactly what you need if:

  • You want to build on your current level of resilience by improving your sleep quality, reducing stress and working more smartly with digital tech

  • Understanding the difference between helpful and unhelpful stress

  • Identifying your stress triggers

  • Relax and refocus your attention


Mindfulness training for the workplace

Newsflash!  The majority of management and leadership training programs teach techniques with little or no evidence base!


Mindfulness has an impressive evidence base gathered over the last 40 years. Research links mindfulness to increased productivity, creativity, decision making, improved employee relationships and enhanced well


Find out more about mindfulness on our mindfulness page and


6 week WorkplaceMT program

WorkplaceMT is an evidence informed program designed especially for busy working professionals. At the heart of all mindfulness programmes is behavioural change.  WorkplaceMT is normally taught over a six week period to allow sufficient time to develop and embed new habits and behaviour patterns.  

The ideal format for the  workplace is one 60 or 90-minute session taught face to face each week followed by daily practice  (around 10 minutes) to develop and embed skills. 

Click this link to find out more about WorkplaceMT - includes a comparison to other mindfulness programs. 

Juliets book on Mindful Leadership contains the full 6 week program.  Click this link to view book

The WorkplaceMT 6 week program could be exactly what you need if:

  • You really want to improve your self-awareness and self-management

  • You want an effective way to improve your flexibility and resilience

  • You want to reduce your levels of stress and anxiety

  • You have tried everything else and want to find new ways to deal with life’s challenges

  • You want to improve your relationships, in and out of work

Supported self study mindfulness program

This is a practical solution for individuals who cannot attend the 6 weekly sessions required by the WorkplaceMT program. The key principles and theories are taught in a one day intensive.  Individuals are then provided with the resources necessary for self study and a weekly 1:1 check in session to aid learning from experience and overcome barriers. 

This one day program can also form the basis of a standalone one day introduction to mindfulness, or retreat day. 

Mindfulness for beginners

A 90 minute introductory session to give staff an understanding of mindfulness and its applications at work.  It provides some basic tools and techniques that could be applied immediately. It takes time to develop mindfulness, so a longer course would be needed to make major inroads into changing the way staff think, work and behave.

Mindfulness for beginners could be exactly what you need if:

  • You wish to gain a basic understanding of what mindfulness is (and isn’t)   

  • You want clarity on how mindfulness is developed

  • You want to develop some basic mindfulness tools and techniques to build on

  • You want to live your life more in the present moment, spending less time on mental time travel

  • You want to step out of autopilot and into conscious control


Purpose and intention

Using organisational purpose as the starting point, we help individuals and teams to clarify their intentions, increase their self-awareness and develop skills to manage themselves better, leading to improvements in engagement, work quality and overall productivity.

Working with purpose and Intention 

One day, half day or 90 minute taster sessions


Our full day workshops start with purpose and Intention (the ‘Why’), and uses this as a powerful tool to add meaning, importance and engagement to the ‘How’ (improved efficiency and effectiveness).  

Working  with purpose and intention could be exactly what you need if:

  • You want to find a more effective way to engage and motivate staff

  • your performance management systems goals and targets are failing to deliver 

  • you wish to engage employees heads and hearts

  • You want a happier, more focused workforce. 

Intention Matters

Based on the Amazon best-selling book ‘Intention Matters, this half day workshop uses the science of intention to create meaningful work targets and objectives that are 10x more effective than goal setting.

Intention Matters could be exactly what you need if:

  • You want to understand how conscious and unconscious intentions shape your life

  • You want to understand, from a neuroscience perspective why intentions are more powerful than goals

  • You want to understand the chain reaction that occurs in the brain when you set an intention

  • You want to start to harness the power of intention to change your life for the better

Click this link to find out more about the book


Enhance your well-being with intention

This half day or 90 minute taster session is designed to help you to improve your well being by using the science of intention activation.


Intention Matters could be exactly what you need if:

  • You want to understand how conscious and unconscious intentions shape your life

  • You want to understand, from a neuroscience perspective why intentions are more powerful than goals

  • You want to identify practical ways to improve your well-being intentions a reality