Coaching & mentoring for Leaders & busy professionals

Are you a busy professional with lots of commitments and distractions?

Would you like some space and time to focus on you and your future?

Some people call me "The Intention Coach", due to my research and work on the subject of purpose and intention. At a time when many are questioning whats important in life, I coach individuals to be clear on their intentions in life, leading to greater life satisfaction, happiness and personal success. My book, Intention Matters is available in English and Portuguese in bookshops worldwide.


My specialist areas include: Leadership, Resilience, Career and life transitions, mindset, Mindful Resilience training and work focused mindfulness.


Having co-trained over 270 Workplace Mindfulness trainers worldwide, I also offer mentoring and supervision for mindfulness trainers, delivering mindfulness in a workplace context. 

When I coach you... 

  • You have my undivided attention.  I help you create the space to pause, think, reflect and plan.

  • I am focused on helping you to achieve tangible outcomes

  • I do my best to inspire and motivate you.  It wont be a walk in the park - I will challenge you and hold you accountable in a way that friends, and colleagues can’t.

  • I will help you to feel empowered and confident.  Using a range of tools I can help you to identify your inbuilt strengths and intentions so you can be your your best self and lead a more authentic life. ​

Is coaching right for me?

Coaching is one of the most effective ways to develop leadership and improve employee performance. The personal benefits of coaching are wide-ranging. Its especially valuable when you’re facing change or a new challenge, or when you know that something needs to change but you’re unsure what or how. Its also invaluable when you have a specific goal in mind, but don't know how to get there. 

What are the benefits of coaching? 


Clients report that coaching has positively impacted their careers as well as their lives by helping them to:

  • Establish and take action towards achieving goals and intentions

  • Become more self-reliant

  • Gain more job and life satisfaction

  • Take greater responsibility and accountability for actions and commitments

  • Work better with others - especially those they find challenging

  • Communicate more effectively 

80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence, and over 70% benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills. 86% of companies report that they recouped their investment on coaching and more. 

Whats my next step? 

Contact me by phone or email for a free 15 minute phone consultation.  Dynamics are important, so the call is an opportunity to discuss what you would like to work on, and see how we get on.  At the end of the call we can decide if coaching or mentoring with me would be useful for you. 


Contact me

What is the difference between coaching and mentoring? 

The words 'Coaching' and ‘Mentoring' are often used as if they’re one and the same. They’re not.


While mentoring and coaching share a common purpose – helping people to develop and grow – the approaches and their implementation are different....

Coaches ask questions and use a range of techniques that lead you to find your own answers.


Mentors share their experience role/ sector experience by advising and guiding, and can be directive when need be.


Having many years experience in leadership roles in a variety of sectors, I can offer you coaching or mentoring or a combination of the two depending on your learning preferences and needs. 

Purpose and Intention is at the heart of all our offerings, which include:


Align your life for success

Tree hours of one to one mentoring to help you gain clarity on your purpose & intention.


Using the IDEA model we help you to identify, refine, embed and use intention to inform actions.  


We will help you to align your life to your purpose and values for a more successful, productive and happy life.   

FIG 8 AND FIG 10 IDEA Framework

RAPID Results 90 minute planning session

  • Are you drowning in ideas?

  • Cant think clearly?

  • At a career or personal crossroads?

  • Do you feel trapped or stuck, and cant seem to move forwards?


Rapid results in 90 minutes!

R-  We help you to Re-evaluate the situation you are in

A- We help you gain insight by analysing your Alignment with purpose, intention, goals or values

P-We coach you to Plan your action intentions

I - We help you to Identify intentions for each day

D- We help you ensure your Direction is aligned with your purpose and intention

Ideally you need to complete the 'Align your life for success' program so you are clear of your intentions from the outset, but we can also use goals or values to work with.   Please contact us to discuss. 

Career fit

A five hour coaching programme which can be scheduled within a two to six month time frame.


Career fit combines a career alignment & happiness diagnostic with a range of tools and techniques to overcome any barriers, and action planning to help you move forward with your career.

  • Unsure you are in the right job?  

  • Unsure you are in the right job?  

  • At a career crossroads?

  • In career transition?


Career fit is for you!

We work with you 1:1 to identify what you love and hate at work, what you are great at, your aims and ambitions and how this aligns to your current job or the job you are seeking.  


We can also address barriers and things that hold you back like negative mindsets, confidence, procrastination and unhelpful emotions. 


Master your mindset

A four hour coaching programme which can be scheduled within a one to three month time frame.


I can help you to identify unhelpful or limiting mindsets that may be getting in the way of your success.  


I will introduce you to a simple three step model to help you to overcome mindsets and move forwards.

I can help you to relate to thoughts in a different way so you can stay focused and on task for longer. 

  • Move from 'I cannot' to 'I can'

  • Move from I do not know' to 'I know'

  • Detach from thoughts that are rooted in the past and no longer serve you well

  • Start to correct your inbuilt negativity bias

  • Apply simple neuroscience techniques to help you to understand and manage your mind


Increase your confidence and overcome impostor syndrome

A five hour coaching programme which can be scheduled within a two to six month time frame.


Many successful professionals lack confidence but hide it well.  


If you think that you are not as competent as others think you are, despite everyone telling you you are doing a great job, you may be experiencing 'Impostor syndrome'.


You are in good company - an estimated 70% of people experience these impostor feelings at some point in their lives.


I can help you get to the root cause of your confidence issues and teach you the tools and techniques necessary to feel more confident. 


Manage your emotions at work

A five hour coaching programme which can be scheduled within a two to six month time frame.


We all experience periods of anger, sadness and happiness, this is part of being human. 


  • Can help us make decisions 

  • Allow other people to understand us 

  • Allow us to understand others

Emotions tell the body what to do.

  • Fear – example - you hear a strange noise in the night feelings.  

    • Your senses  become tuned for danger. 

    • Emotional memories are recalled (how you coped with similar situations in the past) - you use this information to help you deal with this one.

  • Sadness – example – suffering a loss

    • feelings of sadness help our minds turn inwards to release our mental resources

    • can help us establish new goals and forgetting the old ones we’ve lost.



Unfortunately we sometimes experience emotional responses that are inappropriate or unhelpful. 


Understanding how your emotions work is the first step to managing your emotions. I offer coaching and a wide range tools and techniques to help you to better understand and manage your emotions using a combination of mindfulness, neuroscience, and CBT tools.


Be Authentic! Leadership coaching for introverts and extroverts

Be the best leader you can be by increasing your self knowledge and self management.


Be authentic to yourself and lead in a way that is aligned to your purpose and values.  


Knowing your preference for extroversion or introversion will help you work in a way that suits you best and sings to your strengths. 


  • Leadership style diagnostics 

  • Introversion and extroversion scales

  • Purpose and Intention work

  • Personal development planning


Achieve more, work less

A special, individually tailored coaching programme combining mindfulness, neuroscience, intention and task management to help you to create your ideal work life balance.  




  • Ways to stay more focused and productive whilst at work.  

  • Techniques to avoid digital distraction.

  • Techniques to avoid over thinking and mind wandering when your mind should be on the task in hand. 

  • Ways to notice stress arising and release it before it hijacks your attention and impacts your performance