Purpose and Intention


What are intentions and why are they important?

No matter who you are, where you are right now, no matter what you want – Intention Matters!

Intentions big and small underpin your every action and already influences every aspect of your life.  Over 95% of all brain activity occurs at an unconscious level.  Intentions guide your actions and underpin your decisions.  If you are unclear of your intention and purpose - why you do what you do and what is really important to you - you will never get what you really want from life.

As a researcher and teacher specialising in the neuroscience of intention and positive psychology, I can help you to discover your true purpose and intention in life.  Doing so will enable you to align your life for success, and focus on what matters.

PURPOSE = 'Why I do what I do'  Its your reason for getting out of bed in the morning.  it may have local impact or global impact.

INTENTION = Your inner GPS. Intentions focus attention to make things happen

Intention has two essential components: DSD+B

  1. ' A Deep Sincere Desire' We call this a 'DSD' Its something you really want at a heart felt level

  2. Belief. 'B' You have to have belief that in some way, somehow it is achievable and will happen. Don't worry about the 'how' - that comes later.   

Whether you dream of changing the world, escaping the rat race, earning a monthly five-figure income, living more and working less, or finding happiness, the starting point is clarity of purpose and intention.

Recent research highlights the powerful role that intention plays in transforming a desire or wish into reality. Applying the I-AM© and IDEA© models, we will help you apply an evidence based approach to working with intention and help you overcome any limiting mind sets that may get in the way.

I cannot promise you instant results or miracles.  There is no magic bullet. What I can promise you is that with a little time and effort you can achieve your aims in life, goals and dreams.  You can improve your focus and performance at work. You can become successful in your chosen specialism. All you need is time and knowledge of how to work with intention.

FIG 17 Mindful Intention CLEAR.png

Frequently asked questions

  1. Q: Are Goals and Intentions the same thing?  A: No, goals have a very different impact on the brain than intentions.  Intentions have a more powerful impact that is more likely to lead to long lasting change. 

  2. Q: Wheres the evidence? A: Research into the impact of intentions is growing.  There is a growing evidence base for entrepreneurial intention, action intentions, and the impact of intention on the brain

  3. Q: How do you work? A: Our work is tailored to the needs of the individual and may include 1:1 coaching or mentoring, 1:1 or group learning sessions to overcome barriers and blocks if appropriate

  4. Q: Where do you work from? A: Juliet is based in the UK in Cambridge. At present all our work online, but face to face sessions may be available subject to Covid and other logistics.

Contact us today for a relaxed, informal 15 minute exploration meeting. Free of charge. No pressure or obligation guaranteed.

Purpose and Intention is at the heart of all our offerings, which include:

Align your life for success

One to one mentoring to help you gain clarity on your purpose & intention.


Using the IDEA model we help you to identify, refine, embed and use intention to inform actions.  


We will help you to align your life to your purpose and values for a more successful, productive and happy life.   

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RAPID Results 90 minute planning session

  • Are you drowning in ideas?

  • Cant think clearly?

  • At a career or personal crossroads?

  • Do you feel trapped or stuck, and cant seem to move forwards?


Rapid results in 90 minutes!

R-  We help you to Re-evaluate the situation you are in

A- We help you gain insight by analysing your Alignment with your life purpose and or values

P-We coach you to Plan your action intentions

I - We help you to Identify intentions for each day

D- We help you ensure your Direction is aligned with your purpose and intention

Ideally you need to complete the 'Align your life for success' program so you are clear of your intentions from the outset, but we may be able to work round this.  Please contact us to discuss. 

Intention Matters Trainer training and verification pathway

For Coaches, therapists and trainers who wish to integrate intention and purpose into their work with clients.


We currently teach this program on a one to one basis so that we can fully adapt and contextualise the program to meet learners needs. 


Phase 1: Initial Training.
8 hours Initial 1:1 training & mentoring to include:

  • Intention matters fundamental training

  • 1:1 Working together to adapt and contextualise intention models for your audience

  • After completion of the sessions – Free listing on website as an associate for 10 months while you complete phase 2


Phase 2: Application
Apply your learning, working with a minimum of 3 clients applying Intention Matters models, principles and techniques


  • Work with clients under supervision from an intention Matters mentor

  • Minimum 1 hours supervision (Can be 2 x 30 mins)

  • Free listing on website as a coach / trainer / consultant 


Phase 3: Verification (optional)
After initial training & application, performance verified via professional discussion assessment (PDA)
•    Having worked with a minimum of 5 clients within 18 months of the start of phase 1, if desired, can apply to have their performance as an intention Matters coach / trainer / consultant verified.