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Discover your Purpose and Intention

Some people call me "The intention coach" because of my research, books, and work on the science and practical applications of intention.


I can help you to identify your purpose and intentions, and align your life to create the life and career you want.

Purpose and intention coaching packages from £495.

Membership of 'The Intention Collective' is on a donation basis

Your Purpose

Your Purpose is your highest intention in life.  It may be modest or expansive in scale

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Your Intentions

Your Intentions are the things you really want from your life at a deep level.

They act as your inner GPS.


They focus both your conscious and subconscious attention to make things happen.

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Intentions big and small underpin your every action and already influences every aspect of your life.  Over 95% of all brain activity occurs at an unconscious level.  Intentions guide your actions and underpin your decisions and actions.


Intention + attention = success

As a researcher and coach specialising in the neuroscience of intention and positive psychology, I can help you to discover your true purpose and intentions in life.  Doing so will enable you to align your life for success, and focus on what matters.

The Intention collective

Are you serious about changing your aspects of your life?


New year is a time that we traditionally make plans to change things that are not working for us or could be improved. Unfortunately, very few of us follow through on our plans and nothing changes. Research in 2007 concluded only 12% of people who set resolutions are successful even though 52% of the participants were very confident of success at the beginning.  Get 2023 off to a great start by setting intentions rather than new years goals that are destined for failure.


If you are serious about changing your life for the better, join The Intention Collective.

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I have spent the last five years researching how people’s dreams, aspirations in life and wants are converted to actions which lead to the desired outcome.

Goals often fail because they are misaligned with individuals purpose in life and the things that really matter. 

As Stephen Covey once said, “If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster.”

As detailed in last month’s Flourish Bulletin Your purpose is your highest intention in life. Its why you get out of bed each day. People make the mistake that your purpose in life must be something lofty or grand, but when you peel away the layers often its something much simpler and more fundamental.  Again, what’s behind this?  What will the car or house add to your life?

The Intention Collective is a group that meets every week online to set their intentions and support one another to keep on track.


At each meeting there will be:

  • a short presentation on the science, research base and practical application of intention.

  • Time to set intentions and or gain support on your journey in small breakout groups

  • Time for Q&A


As group facilitator it will be my intention its my intention to help you become clear on your intention.  I will be there to support you on your journey and keep you on track. Much as I would like to work with everyone on a 1:1 basis, I realise  that this is not affordable for some. 


The Intention Collective is designed to offer a cost-effective way to get clear on your intentions and receive peer support as you work to create your future. Meetings will initially be offered on a donation basis so that it is affordable to all.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Q: Are Goals and Intentions the same thing?  A: No, goals have a very different impact on the brain than intentions.  Intentions have a more powerful impact that is more likely to lead to long lasting change. 

  2. Q: Wheres the evidence? A: Research into the impact of intentions is growing.  There is a growing evidence base for entrepreneurial intention, action intentions, and the impact of intention on the brain

  3. Q: How do you work? A: Our work is tailored to the needs of the individual and may include 1:1 coaching or mentoring, 1:1 or group learning sessions to overcome barriers and blocks if appropriate. We offer coaching packages and bespoke solutions.  Schedule an informal phone call for more details.

  4. Q: Where do you work from? A: Juliet is based in the UK in Cambridge. At present all our work online, but face to face sessions may be available subject to Covid and other logistics.

Align your life for success

Are you clear about your Purpose in life?


One to one coaching and mentoring with Juliet Adams, Intention author & researcher & experiended leadership and career coach will help you gain clarity on your Purpose & Intention. 


Using the Using the IDEA model that is detailed in her book Intention Matters Juliet will help you to identify, refine, embed and work with intention.



  • Career change, transition, promotion

  • Gaining clarity on whats important

  • Making life flow for easily

  • Improving happiness and wellbeing


All mentoring and coaching sessions are tailored to meet individual needs but would typically include the following:


  1. Use a range of tools and techniques to identify what you really care about at a deep level

  2. Create a draft purpose and intention summary and work with you to refine and distil it

  3. Embody and embed start using your purpose and intention summary as your inner GPS, helping you to prioritise the things that really matter to you

  4. Take action when opportunities arise for you to fulfil your purpose and intention.


Align your life for success consists of four - eight one hour coaching sessions spread over a one – 6 month timespan


If for any reason you have not reached the outcome you want by the end of the final session, Juliet will offer you a free coaching session to conclude the process.  This has not been needed so far, but we want you to feel fully confident that you will get all the help and support you need need.


Coaching packages from £495  

Lets get started....  Find out more

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