Mindfulness Guided MP3s 


This page contains all the guided MP3 recordings that you need to start to develop mindfulness.  

As a pioneer of mindfulness in the workplace, I co-developed Workplace Mindfulness Training (WorkplaceMT) as a training approach for busy working professionals wishing to improve their focus, attention, performance and well being.  The guided mindfulness exercises below are short (8-15 minutes) and designed to accompany weeks 1-6 of mindfulness training. 


You can teach yourself mindfulness by following the guidance contained in my book on mindful leadership .  Alternatively I offer 1:1 coaching and workshops.  Contact me to find out more. 

You can play the recordings from this website for free by clicking the tracks below


Alternatively you can download the whole album onto your own device for a small fee so you can practice any time, anywhere.  

Covid-19 update.....

During the current pandemic we need mindfulness more than ever. To make mindfulness accessible to all, you can download the full album which includes all the MP3s you need to complete the six week WorkplaceMT training program on a 'pay what you can afford'  basis. The suggested donation is £5, minimum donation £3 to cover admin costs). 

Caveat for use.  The MP3 guided exercises on this page are designed to be used in conjunction with the 6 week WorkplaceMT training program, developed for busy working professionals. They are not designed for therapeutic use, or for use by those currently experiencing clinical depression, anxiety, stress, or mental health issues. For a more therapeutic approach, a longer MBSR or MBCT course would be more appropriate. See the Mindfulness and Mindfulnet pages of this website for further information.