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What my clients say...

coaching testimonials

Testimonials from corporate clients

Laura Little.jpg

Laura Little
Learning and Development Manager, CABA

"I worked with Juliet for a number of years, where she provided training and coaching to the members of my organisation both in the UK and internationally. Juliet is a committed, compassionate and professional trainer, she was always highly recommended by delegates. As a coach she was also highly sort after, with coachees finding her supportive, knowledgeable and empathetic. Juliet was a pleasure to work with."  

Bridget B.jpg

Bridget Buttinger
Deputy Chief executive
Norwich City Council

"Juliet worked with us to significantly improve the learning and development offer for Norwich city council. As well as getting the basics right she also helped to develop our thoughts on and understanding of leadership development, and in doing so helped us to take a big step forward.
As well as being innovative and creative she is also trustworthy, reliable and supportive.." 

Kathryn R.jpg

Kathryn Roynon
Recruitment & Resource Specialist
Shaw Trust

"Juliet is a knowledgeable, enthusiastic and approachable L&D professional. I worked with Juliet in particular on a major contract implementation programme where Juliet organised a large scale residential induction that made a great first impression on new starters. Juliet managed a national team and was keen to encourage the professional development of all staff."

Testimonials from coaching clients

Portrait of Businessman

PWC Senior manager, December 2020

"When I started coaching, despite having a positive outlook I used to get quite anxious. After working with Juliet I learnt how to calm myself. I recognise more quickly when my mind has wandered and this has helped me to become more calm and focused." 

Image by Edward Cisneros

Deloitte Director, January 2021

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help over the past 6 weeks, I have really learnt a lot from you and will forever be grateful to you as I am sure this will have a positive impact in my life going forward.  I really from the bottom of my heart". 

Professional Man

Eshmael, Trainee accountant, December 2020

"If you are feeling anxious, feel like you stuck in rut and can't move forward, or stuck on the crossroads and don't know which way to go. I highly recommend you contact Juliet Adams, she will do for you what she did for me, decipher what's hindering your growth, and point you in the right direction." 

Testimonials from coaching clients:
Identifying your Purpose and Intention

Elegant Female

Emma, CFO, February 2020

"Thank you thank you thank you for helping me gain clarity on my purpose and intention. I can't believe how fast things are falling into place now. I finally have a job I love doing what I am good at and comes easily to me.  I can't believe the difference it has made to my life and highly recommend working with Juliet"  

woman 15

Ruth, Finance project manager, April 2021

"My coaching with Juliet helped me to be sure that applying for a new job was the right thing to do. We worked together to gain clarity on what I wanted from life, what was really important to me, my 'non-negotiable'.  This helped me  decide that it was time to change jobs and to fine tune my job search. In addition Juliet helped me to gain the confidence to express myself well in the "informal chat" that got me the job. I think the coaching really helped to focus my mind on what is/isn't important to me and why I was feeling out of place in my last role. I now have a great job and am enjoying my working life again." 

James, Director of Audit, March 2021

"As part of my careers coaching Juliet helped me to identify my intentions in life.  Knowing my intentions helped me to make some important life changes that I probably wouldn't have made without this knowledge. I now earn more, work less hours and feel happy and more confident. what can I say? It works!  

Mindfulness training testimonials 

Guy H.jpg

Guy Howie
Managing Director of Biaas

" I recently had the lucky opportunity to attend Juliet's 1 day course 'Mindfulness for Busy People' It was a brilliant course presented to a room full of busy accountants, and was very well organised and presented. Juliet, who has written a book on the subject, gave an excellent introduction to the science and practice of mindfulness and how it can be applied in the modern world to help busy people in work. The day included lots of background material with short practical sessions. I came away with a good foundation and also some excellent tools and techniques to apply these principles into daily working life. Two month later and these are helping to make working time more efficient, targeted, and much less stressful. I would definitely recommend Juliet's books and courses to anyone."

Debbie J.jpg

Debbie Jeremiah
European Learning Manager
General Electric (GE)

" Whilst Juliet and my paths have crossed numerous times at conferences I know her most from her insightful ‘Mindful Leadership for Dummies’ book. Juliet has managed to take the esoteric topic of mindfulness, which can sometimes sound new-agey and flakey in print, and turn it into a practical guide for the modern leader. Getting the message across clearly and succinctly to overworked and overwhelmed leaders is no mean fact. Much respect!"

Anne Watts.png

Anne Watts

“Mindfulness training helped me recognise quickly when my mind has wandered and bring it back to the present moment.  I am now more
focused for longer, especially when working on complex projects.  It has also allowed to
connect more deeply with the way that I am feeling and the thoughts I may be having. This has helped me to feel less anxious as I am able to acknowledge these feelings and thoughts and process them in a logical and calmer manner.”

Mindfulness at work
Trainer training testimonials 

Jan VH.jpg

Jan van Hoof
Chairman, The Association for Mindfulness, Netherlands

"I was a participant in the 2017 Workplace Mindfulness Trainer course.


It was one of the best courses I have ever participated in.


The course supplies you with a complete ready to use package to bring mindfulness to the workplace.


Juliet was the leader of the course. I got to know her as a highly professional, well- educated, very experienced, helpful and inspiring teacher"

Steve T.jpg

Steve Thom
Organisational Development Mgr
Bath & NE Somerset Council

"I attended the Workplace Mindfulness trainer training with Juliet & Marina. Later Juliet helped me find my feet when I ran my first 6 week programme. She provided me with helpful tips and suggestions on how to tailor the content for my audience as well as helping to debrief after I had run the sessions. Her knowledge is encyclopedic and Juliet offered me advice on everything from activity timings through to evaluating the programme. Juliet also went out of her way to find a time work with me and was extremely flexible bearing in mind her own busy schedule. I'm now running these programmes on my own but would not have got there so quickly and feel as confident had it not been for her mentoring me, thanks Juliet!

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