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On this page you will find a number of free resources for your use.  Feel free to use them but please acknowledge the author and source. 


We have dedicated a page of the website to information on mindfulness

Juliet created over 10 years ago.  In its day it was was one of the worlds top websites for information on mindfulness.  The website no longer exists but we uploaded a large volume of the information and resources once stored there onto this website. 

Making the business case for mindfulness

This 50 page e-book was created in 2012 in response to demand for information on how to promote mindfulness to corporate clients. It is now a little dated, but still a helpful and accessible guide. 

  • Section 1: Researching and writing a business case

  • Section 2: Case studies

  • Section 3: Key research

  • Section 4: Resources & links

Stress level indicator

This resource is designed to give you an indication of your current stress level.

Values diagnostic tool

This resource is designed to help you identify the values that currently shape your actions and decisions and a conscious or unconscious level. Being aware of and true to your personal values is the basis for the developing mindful leadership.

Leadership transformation via self authoring technique

The ability to self author is a key aspect of being a mindful leader.  This resource is designed to provide hints and tips to help you transform your leadership via processes such as self-authoring and using your intention to drive your  attention.

Leading in a VUCA world

This resource is designed to help you better understand the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambigious VUCA world we live and work in.  Mindful leadership encourages you to actively approach and explore rather than avoid the challenges it presents.

Creating motivation, momentum and direction
This resource contains handy hints and tips to help you create momentum and and motivation to work towards a desired goal or outcome.

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