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On this page: My Bio and links to press and media that feature me.

Making the complex simple


Juliet Adams Biography

I am a Cognitive Behavioural Coach®, SHL Psychometric tester, McQuaig® Accredited Interpreter. I am also a Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development. I hold a Master’s Degree in Training and Performance Management from Leicester Universities prestigious Centre for Labour Market Studies (CLMS).

My job roles include Head of Training Design for NSLEC, part of the Police Training College, Improvement Project Lead for the Health Protection Agency, Consultant and Coach for the Met Police Leading for London initiative, and Organisational Development / L&D lead for Norwich City Council.

As Director of A Head for Work, I work with clients from the Public sector to private sector, SME's to Multinationals.

I am qualified as an MBCT mindfulness teacher and have been instrumental in initiating and refining mindfulness in the workplace teaching approaches. I co-developed WorkplaceMT as a bespoke approach for teaching mindfulness in the workplace.  Over the years I have taught and mentored over 300 mindfulness teachers.


I am the author of 5 books on Mindfulness at work, Leadership, Purpose and intention.

Professional highlights include:

  • Head of training design for NSLEC, part of the Police training college, designing national training programs across the UK

  • Member of the national group that designed competency standards for policing

  • Speaking and Keynote engagements at conferences in the UK, Netherlands, USA and China

  • Founder of, the mindfulness information website 2010-2020

  • Organised the 1st Mindfulness at work conference, Robinson College, Cambridge in 2012, followed by work in partnership with Cranfield University in 2014 

  • Expert adviser to the UK Governments MAAPG on Mindfulness in the workplace, editing and writing content for 'Building the Case for Mindfulness in the Workplace'

  • Author of 5 books on bestselling books on Workplace mindfulness, Leadership and Intention.

  • Co-developed WorkplaceMT - a 6 week, workplace centric training mindfulness training program.  

  • Co-developed CMI recognised WorkplaceMT trainer training program, and co-trained over 270 trainers to teach WorkplaceMT

  • Designed the Mindfulness at work training curriculum (MindfulnessAWT) in 2022, an evolation of WorkplaceMT


In 2019 my 5th book, 'Intention Matters' was published, the culmination of five years of research into the science of intention.

I have a Master’s degree in Training and Performance Management, and am a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Personnel and Development (FCIPD). I have acted as an expert adviser to the Mindfulness All Party Parliamentary Group and have been interviewed by the BBC, Times and Guardian.

I work with clients from diverse organisations including Deloitte, PWC, Grant Thornton, KPMG, Bank of England, Lloyds, CIPD, ICAEW, Metropolitan Police, Hertfordshire County Council, Bunning Engineering, Cambridge and Peterborough Foundation Trust, and Henderson Global Investments.

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Juliet and Jutta
Juliet at Robinson

If you think I might be able to help you, why not stop thinking and find out?

Contact me. I'm friendly and approachable and offer free consultations.

Juliet Adams: Interviews, Features and Quotes in the Press 

Yahoo Juliet Adams Interview.png

As humans we make judgements and assumptions about how things will be. If there is a gap between our expectation and reality we suffer from self-induced mental pain” 

Nows the mopment for mindfulness juliet adams.png

“Make a fresh start with the acclaimed technique that clears your head of information overload and allows you to focus on the present 

BBC juliet adams.png

“Taking a "three-minute focus break" or going for a "mindful walk" can improve mental clarity and productivity at work, she says.


"By bringing our attention back to the present moment, we can see things more clearly and make wiser decisions."


ATD Intention.png

Intention focuses attention. Attention is regarded by leading business schools as one of the most critical management capabilities of the twenty-first century. Intention has always played an important role in our attempts to understand ourselves and the world we live in. Evidence is accumulating to support the importance of intention as a cognitive skill that can be learned. "

HR Zone Juliet adams.png

“Start with the outcome in mind, and do your homework. If, for example, you wish your leaders to be able improve their problem solving ability, make this explicit when talking to mindfulness teachers. Equip yourself with a basic understanding of the different mindfulness teaching approaches that exist."


“Sometimes it's about knowing when to stop and step away, even if this sounds counter intuitive. Take a break, and then come back. Rather than worrying about hours spent at your desk, think about how many hours you are focused on a task and productive.."

Mindfulness techniques more effective at work juliet adams.png

“Beyond being an increasingly popular practice for top executives and celebrities, mindfulness is scientifically proven to increase memory and awareness and reduce stress and negative thinking"

SOMA mindfulness.png

So how can organisations go about implementing a work-place mindfulness plan? In a piece for Personnel Today, Juliet Adams, director of A Head for Work and author of “Mindfulness at work for dummies” and “Making the business case for mindfulness”. Mindfulnet website. Suggests the following..."

IOSH guide juliet adams.png

“In a fast changing world, mindfulness may help both employees and organisations to adapt by training skills and attitudes such as: tolerance of ambiguity and paradox; openness to change;responding rather than reacting"

Performance reviews Juliet Adams.png

“Sadly many overstretched managers treat the process as a tick-box exercise, with the conscious or subconscious intention of just getting it done,” 

MPL Mindfulness juliet adams.png

With all the hype about mindfulness it’s hard to keep up with the reality. Is mindfulness at work turning into ‘soma’, the drug that kept everyone happy in Huxley’s Brave New World? Is 2018 the year that the ‘mindfulness boom’ goes bust?or are we at the stage of fine-tuning mindfulness to enable it to truly transform organisations?” 

ATD mindful leadership.png

“Mindfulness isn’t a magic cure-all, and it cannot be developed by reading a book—practice is essential. Practice increases the self-knowledge and awareness that help you to better manage yourself. Ten minutes or more of daily mindfulness training offers a greater return on investment than any MBA program I know of.” 

Red diamonds.png

“We don’t always choose the correct thinking system for the problem. 

Conscious thought is hard work and takes a lot of energy, so your brain automates as much as possible in an effort to conserve energy. The problem is that some things we do on autopilot with very little conscious thought are things we should be paying close attention to.

This can lead to inappropriate behaviour, emotional outbursts and poor decision making.” 

benefits of mindfulness juliet adams.png

“Mindfulness may even resculpt the brain, says Juliet Adams, director of A Head for Work which applies neuroscience to leadership and workplace productivity issues.

"Studies at Harvard suggest that after about eight weeks of mindfulness training there’s a significant increase in brain areas associated with attention, memory and empathy,” she says. “There’s a discernible impact too on activity in the left prefrontal cortex – a predictor of happiness and wellbeing.” 

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