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Making the business case for mindfulness 2024

Making the business case for mindfulness 2024


Making the business case for mindfulness is a comprehensive guide and reference document created to help you to use research to explain to organisations, leaders, and busy workers the many reasons why mindfulness is so beneficial. Mindfulness training benefits individuals, teams, and organisations alike.  This comprehensive guide is the result of 12 years of work by Mindfulness at work expert Juliet Adams. 


The document contains over 200 research studies, each summarised into a few paragraphs.  The research papers are cross referenced to desirable workplace outcomes.


This document is designed for use by:

  • Busy working professionals with an interest in introducing mindfulness to their organisation
  • Mindfulness teachers who have been asked to deliver mindfulness training by an organisation

This document was written to make research findings easy to use and accessible for all.  It will save you hours of time, and help you to locate the best available evidence that is relevant for your organisation, or clients you are working with.


Introduction & how to use this guide

    Section 1: How to write a mindfulness business case or proposal for an organisation
    1.1    Is mindfulness the solution?    
    1.2: Example of a Mindfulness business    
    1.3: Example of a Mindfulness proposal    

Section 2: Finding the best research to quote    

    2.1: Mindfulness programs researched    
    2.2: benefits of mindfulness training for individuals    
    2.3: Benefits of mindfulness training for teams include:    
    2.4. Benefits of mindfulness training for organisations include:    
    2.5: Benefits of mindfulness training listed alphabetically    

Section 3: Research summary    

Section 4: Further information    

    4.1: High level summary of the evidence base for mindfulness at work  
    4.2: Recommended reading    
    4.3: About the author   


Supplied as a 108 page PDF document for your personal use. 

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