Mindfulness is underpinned by an extensive evidence base of 5000+ research studies, 270 of which are specific to the workplace. It increases self awareness of behaviour and mindsets - providing the foundation for lasting behaviour change. 

Find out more about our Workplace Mindfulness programmes, or read our Mindfulness at work Case studies to see the outcomes we achieved.


Mindfulness at work return on investment

A recent meta-analysis of research into the impacts of mindfulness at work, published in 2016 in the Journal of Management concluded that mindfulness improves your attention leading to increased flexibility in thinking, improved emotion and behaviour regulation, reductions in stress and positive changes to the structure of your brain.   The report concludes that mindfulness training:

  •     Improves job and task performance

  •     Improves communications, relationships, leadership, and teamwork

  •     Improves physical and psychological well-being

A Head for Work combines WorkplaceMT - and evidence informed approach to teaching mindfulness at work, specifically designed for busy professionals with practical neuroscience to help you find new ways of working that improve both your productivity and resilience to improve performance and personal effectiveness whilst promoting well-being and resilience.  


Mindfulness at work case studies

Wherever possible we gather pre and post data and provide clients with a detailed evaluation report upon completion of our programmes. 


Case studies 1-4 outline our work with very different clients, each requiring bespoke solutions.  Click on the pictures below to view the case studies.

Business Meeting

Six week mindfulness training for local authority staff

Four week mindfulness training for Cambridge University

Eight week mindfulness programme for healthcare staff

Six week mindfulness training for doctors (GPs)


In 2010 Juliet set up Mindfulnet.org as an information resource for busy working professionals who wanted to find out more about mindfulness.  At the time it was one of the few independent information resources available.  The website closed in 2020 as there are now so many websites on the subject that it was no longer required.  Visit the Mindfulnet page of this website to browse some of the information that was previously housed on this website.

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