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Making the business case for mindfulness....

In 2012 it was rare for organisations to offer mindfulness training, so I wrote the first edition of 'Making the business case for mindfulness'. Since then thousands of mindfulness teachers, HR professionals, Operations managers, and CEOs have used this guide to help pursuade key stakeholders of the benefits of mindfulness training for employees.

In 2012, this guide contained 40 research summaries.  The 2024 edition is 108 pages long and contains over 200 research summaries and links to the papers.

This guide makes finding relevant research to underpin a mindfulness business case or proposal easy and accessible for all.  It save hours of time, and help you to locate the highest quality, most relevant evidence to suit your organisational needs or cirumstances.  

This document is designed for use by:

  • Busy working professionals with an interest in introducing mindfulness to their organisation

  • Mindfulness teachers who have been asked to deliver mindfulness training by an organisation

No prior knowledge of how to read academic papers is needed because all the research studies have been carefully summarised for ease of use.

Why you need this guide.....


  1. This guide contains advice on how to write a successful business case or proposal with templates you can follow.

  2. This guide cross references mindfulness research to desirable workplace outcomes:

    • Looking for the benefits of mindfulness training for individuals? You will find them in section 2.2

    • Looking for the benefits of mindfulness training for teams? You will find them in section 2.3

    • Looking for the benefits of shortened forms of mindfulness training?  You will find them in section 2.1

    • Looking for a specific benefits of mindfulness training such as creativity? productivity? staff engagement You will find them in the alphabetical list in section 2.5

  3. In Section 3 you will find over 200 research studies summarised into conclusions and methodology,  which you can quote or click the link to read the full research paper.

Click the pictures above, or click the 'buy now' button for an instant download of the 109 page guide.


For ease of use, the guide is supplied  as PDF document for your personal use.

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