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Mindfulness at work trainers

This page lists trainers with experience and qualifications to teach mindfulness in the workplace.

MidfulnessAWT trainers

MindfulnessAWT trainers

Mindfulness at Work training (MindfulnessAWT) started off life as the MAWT training program published in Mindfulness at work by Juliet Adams in 2014.  Launched in 2021, it is the culmination of ten years of research into how best teach mindfulness to busy working professionals. MindfulnessAWT pragmatic, neuroscience informed model for training.  It can be taught with ease online or face to face, 1:1 or as a group. It can be flexed and adapted to fit the needs of the group being taught, whilst still retaining its evidence informed core.



MindfulnessAWT trainer training is only offered to mindfulness trainers who have already completed recognised mindfulness teacher pathways such as MBCT or MBSR trainer training provided by the Oxford Mindfulness Centre , Bangor UniversityThe Mindfulness Network or MBLC provided by the Mindfulness Association, or established WorkplaceMT trainers


Training options

There are three options for MindfulnessAWT trainer training:

  1. Face to face training: 16 hours of training spread over 2 days + 2 hours of mentoring once trainers start to deliver the curriculum

  2. Online training: 4 x 4 hour modules + 2 hours of mentoring as above

  3. Trainers who have already completed WorkplaceMT trainer training can complete a 4 hour conversion course consisting of 2 hours of teaching + 2 hours of mentoring as above.

Below is a list of trainers who completed their trainer training and are qualified to teach the MindfulnessAWT curriculum.


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WorkplaceMT trainer training

The WorkplaceMT mindfulness training program was co-developed by Marina Grazier (The Mindfulness Exchange) and Juliet Adams (A Head for Work).  Marina and Juliet developed and delivered trainer training between 2015 and 2019.  WorkplaceMT trainer training was provided in two formats:

  • 7-day intensive Chartered Management Institute (CMI) recognised training program for trainers in the UK and abroad.

  • 3-day workshop for SeeTrue mindfulness trainers in the Netherlands


Below is a list of all the trainers who completed their trainer training and are qualified to teach the WorkplaceMT curriculum.  The list was last updated in August 2019.

WorkplaceMT trainers
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