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Developing people and organisations since 1995 by making the complex simple.

What my clients say...
Alanna Kite
Senior Destination Development Manager
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Hi, I’m Juliet....

Development is at the heart of everything I do. I work with Individuals and organisations.


I develop leaders and improve organisational effectiveness, systems and processes.


All my work is evidence informed, based on the latest research and best practice. I blend neuroscience insights into my work so that my clients can understand and manage their minds better, maximising their capability.

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I am friendly and approachable, but highly outcome focussed. I get things done. I make  things practical and easy to understand and apply.


I use different tools, techniques and methods including coaching, mentoring, learning needs anaysis, business analysis, purpose and intention identification, mindfulness, mindset change, and one to one and group training.

I have worked with SMEs, FTSE100 and Public sector organisations.  Find out more


I am always happy to talk, diary permitting!  If you would book a free strategy call, click this <<<link>>> to select a date and time to suit you.

Development for

Busy working professionals

Coaching, Mentoring, Training, Mindfulness, Purpose

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Focused on Working
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Are you...

  • New to leadership?

  • A recently promoted Director?

  • At a career crossroads?

  • Can't see the way forward?

  • Lacking confidence?

  • A victim of your emotions?

  • Suffering from unhelpful mindsets?

  • Working with difficult people?

  • Working too hard?

I can help you to:

  • Become a better leader

  • Make better descisions

  • Become more influential

  • Thrive and grow

  • Manage your mind

  • Widen your perspective

  • Increase your confidence

  • Identify your purpose

  • Think strategically

Feel more...

Confident, Certain, In control, Empowered, Energised,

Balanced, and Equipped for life

Recent projects include: Supporting a newly promoted director to decide on the strategic direction for her division, Helping a Partner in a law firm to feel more confident to lead  authentially, Helping an Audit Manager to identify his Purpose and Intention and secure a new job that that engaged him more, Helping a production manager to overcome unhelpful mindsets, and better manage his emotions, and helping a CEO reduce her imposter syndrome feelings.

Development for Organisations
L&D project work & Training

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Are you...

  • A small organisation that has grown and now requires management or leadership training?

  • A rapidly evolving organisation that requires a learning needs analysis (LNA) to identify essential training for staff? Ways to improve performance and staff engagement?

  • An established business that needs an experienced professional to manage or help you with an L&D project?

I can help you:

  • Find pragmatic, practical ways to develop your managers & leaders

  • Tailor solutions to your companies needs and culture

  • Identify staff learning needs and find effective, cost effective solutions

  • Initiate, manage, and complete your L&D project working standalone or as part of a team.

Resulting in...

Better leadership, Improved staff engagement, Better performance, Improved staff retention, More focussed meetings, Improved decision making.

Recent projects include LNA, measuring and increasing staff engagement, Performance management, 1:1 leadership coaching, training design, performance management, induction, staff handbooks, Identifying organisational Purpose & Intention.

Companies I have worked with include:

companies worked with 2023.png

Lets talk!

To book your free strategy call, click this <<<link>>> to select a good time and date to talk.

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