Transforming the way that organisations think, behave and perform.



Juliet Adams is the author of a number of best selling business books.  With over 30 years experience of organisational development, she acts as an expert adviser to organisations, developing  programs to transform the way they think, behave and perform.

Juliet is recognised worldwide as a thought leader & innovator on workplace mindfulness and intention 

Author | Keynote Speaker | Coach | Learning facilitator | Business mentor

Nothing stands still.  The last 50 years have witnessed organisational practices move from 'Management by Objective' to 'Servant Leadership' to 'Empowerment of the team".


Forward thinking organisations are now moving towards a purpose & incentive driven model, based on shared value and effectiveness.  In doing so we are starting to transition from thinking, to feeling to knowing. 

Purpose and intention are closely linked. A purpose is an object in life that you reach for, intentions are the thoughts and actions that get you there. 

When organisations and individuals are able to connect with a sense of purpose, and have clear intentions, the end result is prosperity for all.  Work becomes more engaging, inclusive and fair, leading to well being, wealth and a better society.  Organisations increase their economic returns, and contribute to the wider community.

Clear intentions are help you to live your most conscious life. When you don’t have a clear intentions, and are juggling what feels like a million tasks every day, you may be heading down the wrong path. That’s because your tasks and goals may have nothing to do with your purpose and intentions. You can pursue goals for the next 10, 20 years, only to realise that this isn’t what you wanted after all. As Stephen Covey once said, “If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster.”

Juliet Adams

Juliet is an HR professional who has worked in a variety of HR & OD roles.  She is a Fellow of CIPD with a Master’s Degree in Training and Performance Management.  For the last ten years, Juliet Adams has been at the fore front of work to develop mindfulness training that meets the needs of busy people working in demanding roles.  Between 2012 and 2016 Juliet has helped organise three international conferences on mindfulness in the workplace,  Written three books on the subject, founded  – a  go to website for information on mindfulness, its applications and evidence base.


In 2014/15 Juliet contributed to the "Mindful Nation UK" report, a government policy recommendation document released in October 2015 in the UK Parliament, and serves as expert advisor to the workplace strand of The Mindfulness Initiative, a UK think tank. In 2016 she worked with the Mindfulness Initiative to develop 'Building the Case for Mindfulness in the Workplace'  providing guidance and case studies to organisations considering introducing mindfulness to their organisations.


From 2015 - 2020 Juliet collaborated in the development of WorkplaceMT – an evidence informed approach to teaching mindfulness in the workplace.  Working in collaboration with Marina Grazier, Director of TME, she trained over 260 trainers to teach mindfulness in the workplace. 


Juliet works with a team of Strategic Partners to deliver a range of Leadership, productivity and resilience workshops for organisations.  In recent years Juliet has spoken at conferences and events hosted at EY, PWC, Deloitte, KPMG, and the Bank of England.  She presented a Masterclass at the 75th Anniversary ATD Expo in San Diego, an event attended by 30,000 L&D, Talent and HR professionals.  She spoke  as a Keynote at two major HR conferences in Shanghai and Beijing in 2019.   In 2020 she is a guest speaker at the Weekend University, Birkbeck, University of London.

Clients include:

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"Juliet Adams is a very skilful motivating trainer and warm personality. She passes on her immense knowledge of the working of mindfulness and its brain effects in a highly inspiring manner. It was a gift to be trained by her."


—  Chantal Samson Team Leader,  Burnout coach Career coach, Stress coach. Netherlands



Juliet Adams is an Amazon bestselling author on Leadership, Resilience, Workplace Mindfulness, Purpose & Intention.

Her publications include:


Mindful leadership for dummies (300 x 47
Mindful leadership for dummies (300 x 47

Career development2
Career development2




Transforming the way that individuals and organisations think, behave and perform.



Lively & engaging Keynote speaker.


Recent presentations include HREC HR Conference, Beijing  and Shanghi, and the ATD Expo, San Diego


Business mentoring

Rather than acting as consultants, we prefer a mentoring approach. 


Recent mentoring include Leadership development needs analysis, alignment of values & purpose, System and process review, Improving the way you manage performance. Bespoke training design to meet your needs.


Mindfulness, resilience, purpose & intention workshops with a brain based twist. Lively group learning facilitation for groups from 5 to 500 people. Programmes range from 6 weeks to one hour taster sessions and webinars. 

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Researching and disseminating practical ways to improve organisational performance by raising individual and organisational consciousness.


Research areas include workplace mindfulness, purpose and intention

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Coaching packages ranging from 1 hour to six months.  Themes include Leadership, Resilience, Mindfulness Purpose and Intention. 


Mindfulness teacher mentoring & supervision



Having co-trained and supported  over 260 mindfulness teachers to deliver work focused mindfulness trainers, Juliet is a highly experienced as mindfulness trainer mentor.    She also offers  mindfulness trainer supervision for those starting more experienced in delivering mindfulness 

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Over the years we have gathered information and developed many resources which we are happy to share.  These include information on implementing mindfulness in a workplace setting, guided mindfulness MP3s, Intention setting  tools and more.