Purpose and Intention

Some people call me "The intention coach" because of my research, books, and work on intention.

I can help you to actively shape your intentions to align your life with your purpose, values and intentions to 

create the life and career you want. 

Offerings include 1:1 coaching to help you identify your Purpose and Intentions and align your life for success, 90 minute 'RAPID' sessions, and trainer training


For over 10 years I have been working internationally to make mindfulness more accessible and practical for busy working people. 

My newest course: Mindful Resilience combines essential elements of mindfulness training with personal resilience training.

Offerings include half day introductory - 4 week Mindful Resilience training, and Short introductory or 6 week WorkplaceMT training, and Trainer supervision and mentoring

Coaching & mentoring for Leaders & busy professionals

After working for the Police College as a specialist training designer I specialised in Leadership. I now work with a variety of leaders, acting as either a mentor or coach.  I help leaders in the financial, public and creative sectors to grow, develop and thrive.

I offer 90 minute RAPID coaching sessions, objective led coaching programs and tailored packages ranging from 4 hours to 10 hours spread over a 4 week to 6 month duration to meet your needs. 


Career analysis and transition

  • Are you are at a career cross roads and are unsure of where to go next?

  • Looking for a different or new job that is a 'better fit' for you?

  • Taking your first steps in a new industry and questioning your choice?

I can help you to audit your career and make informed decisions about your life and career moving forwards.

Changing your mindset

Self limiting beliefs, unhelpful thoughts and deeply embedded negative mindsets can hold back even the most dynamic, confident, and successful people.

I can help you to recognise and work to overcome any unhelpful mind sets that may be holding you back