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Trainer training
and Coach Development

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Our trainer training and coach development programs are designed by a training design expert who has designed national training programs for the police, HPA, and CIPD.

Our programs are intensive in nature, designed to help you develop the necessary skills in the minimum time.  Training standards and assessment criteria are carefully monitored to ensure that high standards are maintained, and only competent trainers and coaches are accredited to deliver our content and IP.

Our trainer and coach development programs include...

MindfulnssAWT TT

MindfulnessAWT Trainer training

WorkplaceMT trainer training intensive in Devon, working with Marina Grazier
WorkplaceMT trainer training in the Netherlands, working with Marina Grazier
Juliet Adams teaching at a WorkplaceMT trainer training intensive in Devon
Juliet Soma Nov 17__.png

I started designing mindfulness training programs for busy profesionals back in 2012.  One of my early Mindfulness at Work training offerings (MAWT) was published in Mindfulness at work for dummies in 2014. MAWT was the subject of an RCT research study and demonstrated good outcomes amongst Civil Servants.


From 2015 to 2020 I co-delivered WorkplaceMT Mindfulness trainer training in in collaboration with Marina Grazier, from 'The Mindfulness Exchange'.

WorkplaceMT started out life in the the Oxford Mindfulness Centre.Together we developed and delivered a trainer training 7 day intensive program which is recognised by CMI. We co-trained the program in UK and Europe for 5 years and in that time trained over 270 trainers.  >>See list of WorkplaceMT trainers<<

In 2021 building on lessons learned from delivering  MAWT and WorkplaceMT I developed a next generation mindfulness training program called MindfulnessAWT.


MindfulnessAWT is taught over 6 weeks, with a 1 hour training session each week and a requirement for just 10 minutes of daily practice.


MindfulnessAWT trainer training is only offered to mindfulness trainers who have already completed recognised mindfulness teacher pathways including:

  • MBCT or MBSR trainer training provided by the Oxford Mindfulness Centre , Bangor University

  • The Mindfulness Network or MBLC provided by the Mindfulness Association

  • Established WorkplaceMT trainers.


Training options

There are three options for MindfulnessAWT trainer training:

  1. Face to face training: 16 hours of training spread over 2 days + 2 hours of mentoring once trainers start to deliver the curriculum

  2. Online training: 4 x 4 hour modules + 2 hours of mentoring as above

  3. Trainers who have already completed WorkplaceMT trainer training can complete a 4 hour conversion course consisting of 2 hours of teaching + 2 hours of mentoring as above.

​The 16 hour trainer training will include:

  1. How to teach weeks 1-6 of the MindfulnessAWT curriculum. The structure, rationale, and how each element builds week on week.

  2. How to teach the shortened versions of mindfulness exercise using language appropriate to the workplace

  3. How to flex and adapt the curriculum to meet individual and organisational needs without damaging the programs integrity and evidence informed structure

  4. Background underpinning psychoeducation themes

  5. How to encourage learners to reflect upon their experiences in class and apply lessons learned to their everyday lives.

  6. How to make the business case for mindfulness within your organisation or to perspective clients

What’s included as standard?


  • 16 hours of teaching which can be split into 4 hour teaching blocks to meet your needs

  • Slide decks for weeks 1-6 for your use when teaching MindfulnessAWT

  • Trainer notes for weeks 1-6

  • Recordings of the live 1:1 teacher training sessions for your use post training

  • Training to be delivered by Juliet Adams, who has developed MindfulnessAWT over a 10 year period, and has co-trained over 270 trainers to teach the mindfulness in the workplace.

  • Listing on the MindfulnessAWT trainers page

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WorkplaceMT supervision

Mindfulness at work Supervision and Mentoring

Mindfulness trainer supervision or mentoring

Having co-trained hundreds mindfulness trainers, Juliet offers mentoring and supervision for mindfulness teachers who deliver training in the workplace.

Juliet offers 1-2-1 sessions via Zoom at present.

Mentoring or supervision can be booked as individual sessions or at a discounted rate as a block of sessions to be used over a 6 month period.

Teaching Mindfulness online: Two hour mentoring session

For WorkplaceMT mindfulness trainers who wish MindfulnessAWT to deliver training, I offer a two hour mentoring session. 


The aim is to help trainers to feel comfortable to deliver the new materials which are an evolution of WorkplaceMT  adapting materials and training approaches from face to face delivery to online delivery.

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Intention TTT

Intention Matters Trainer training and verification pathway

For Coaches, therapists and trainers who wish to integrate intention and purpose into their work with clients.


We currently teach this program on a one to one basis so that we can fully adapt and contextualise the program to meet learners needs. 


Phase 1: Initial Training.
8 hours Initial 1:1 training & mentoring to include:

  • Intention matters fundamental training

  • 1:1 Working together to adapt and contextualise intention models for your audience

  • After completion of the sessions – Free listing on website as an associate for 10 months while you complete phase 2


Phase 2: Application
Apply your learning, working with a minimum of 3 clients applying Intention Matters models, principles and techniques


  • Work with clients under supervision from an intention Matters mentor

  • Minimum 1 hours supervision (Can be 2 x 30 mins)

  • Free listing on website as a coach / trainer / consultant 


Phase 3: Verification (optional)
After initial training & application, performance verified via professional discussion assessment (PDA).

Having worked with a minimum of 5 clients within 18 months of the start of phase 1, if desired, can apply to have their performance as an intention Matters coach / trainer / consultant verified.  

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