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Mindful Resilience & Work focused Mindfulness trainings

Mindfulness at work- whats in it for me?


Mindfulness training is underpinned by an impressive evidence base of 5000+ research studies, 470 of which are specific to the workplace. Most leadership development and MBA programs have NO UNDERPINNING EVIDENCE to support their effectiveness. 


In a workplace context robust research demonstrates that properly tailored and contextualised mindfulness training can improve multiple aspects of productivity and performance, well being and employee relationships. It can increase self awareness of behaviour and mindsets - providing the foundation for lasting behaviour change.  For more information about Mindfulness visit our Mindfulness page.

Mindful resilience training & Coaching

Why Mindful Resilience?  Why now?


We live in a world that is volatile, uncertain, and increasingly complex. Humans hate uncertainty. Uncertainty is viewed by the mind as a potential threat and the brain defaults back to ancient operating systems that are often an overreaction to the actual threat faced.

Modern day lives are much more complex than it was for our predecessors. The ongoing sheer volume of available information—and the way that digital devices interrupt our work is impacts not only our well-being, but our decision making, innovation, and productivity. Huge volumes of new information being constantly created.  In recent years there has been an exponential increase in channels to receive information by; radio, television, print media, websites, e-mail, mobile online meetings, RSS feeds, blogs and social media. Did you know that it can take you over 25 minutes to return to a work task after an e-mail, text or media interruption? 

As a result of increasing uncertainty and complexity it’s easy to become over stressed. When we experience excessive stress it has a knock on effect on our world view, productivity, creativity and long term health. In response to this resilience has become the new hot topic in business, triggering a surge in demand for resilience training. 

Resilience training alone is simply a band aid for toxic working cultures.  Why? Because it does not address the cause of the problem.  This is where mindfulness comes in. Mindfulness means many things to different people.  For a fuller definition read our  Mindfulness page.  At its simplest level mindfulness is a form of attentional training.  It increases self awareness which allows you to manage yourself better. 

I have been teaching mindful resilience within organisations now for a number of years now. This teaching has been the inspiration for my forthcoming book: 'Thriving the art of mindful resilience'. Unsurprisingly, mindful resilience is simply mindfulness + resilience. 

When we experience a things we find difficult mindfulness helps you to separate the event itself (the difficulty) from what follows next (our response). The difficulty encountered may be entirely beyond our control, but we always have control of our response. Our response, often at an unconscious level, can lead to significant pain for ourselves and those around us. 

Mindfulness combined with resilience training is a powerful combination.  It allows you to monitor yourself in real time, quickly noticing as pressure starts to build before things start to spiral out of control. Noticing signs of excessive pressure at an early stage prevents inappropriate autopilot responses that can make things go from bad to worse. 

I teach Mindful Resilience in several formats:

  • As 1:1 coaching over a 4-8 week period depending on needs and learning preferences

  • As a half day introductory session delivered to groups in the workplace or online

  • As a 4 week course for groups, 4 x 90 minute taught inputs + a 15 minute daily commitment of practice and application of resilience techniques each day.  Delivered to groups in the workplace or online:


  • Week 1: Building awareness and Focus

  • Week 2: Working with the body in mind

  • Week 3: Managing the mind

  • Week 4: Thriving in a digital age

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Mindfulness training for the workplace


Did you know that the majority of management and leadership training programs teach techniques with little or no evidence base! 


Mindfulness has an impressive evidence base gathered over the last 40 years. Research links mindfulness to increased productivity, creativity, decision making, improved employee relationships and enhanced well


Find out more about mindfulness on our mindfulness page.

A comprehensive plain english overview of Mindfulness can be found on our pages, which Juliet authored between 2010 - 2020.


Mindfulnet can be accessed via our Resources page. 


6 week WorkplaceMT program

WorkplaceMT is an evidence informed program designed especially for busy working professionals. At the heart of all mindfulness programmes is behavioural change.  WorkplaceMT is normally taught over a six week period to allow sufficient time to develop and embed new habits and behaviour patterns.  It can be taught 1:1 or in a group workplace setting.

The ideal format for the  workplace is one 60 or 90-minute session taught face to face each week followed by daily practice  (around 10 minutes) to develop and embed skills. 

Click this link to find out more about WorkplaceMT - includes a comparison to other mindfulness programs. 

Juliets book on Mindful Leadership contains the full 6 week program.  Click this link to view book

The WorkplaceMT 6 week program could be exactly what you need if:

  • You really want to improve your self-awareness and self-management

  • You want an effective way to improve your flexibility and resilience

  • You want to reduce your levels of stress and anxiety

  • You have tried everything else and want to find new ways to deal with life’s challenges

  • You want to improve your relationships, in and out of work

Supported self study mindfulness program

This is a practical solution for individuals who cannot attend the 6 weekly sessions required by the WorkplaceMT program. The key principles and theories are taught in a one day intensive.  Individuals are then provided with the resources necessary for self study and a weekly 1:1 check in session to aid learning from experience and overcome barriers. 

This one day program can also form the basis of a standalone one day introduction to mindfulness, or retreat day. 

Mindfulness for beginners

A 90 minute introductory session to give staff an understanding of mindfulness and its applications at work.  It provides some basic tools and techniques that could be applied immediately. It takes time to develop mindfulness, so a longer course would be needed to make major inroads into changing the way staff think, work and behave.

Mindfulness for beginners could be exactly what you need if:

  • You wish to gain a basic understanding of what mindfulness is (and isn’t)   

  • You want clarity on how mindfulness is developed

  • You want to develop some basic mindfulness tools and techniques to build on

  • You want to live your life more in the present moment, spending less time on mental time travel

  • You want to step out of autopilot and into conscious control

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